Should I consider my design as Stripline in USB differential pair impedance calculation?

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I am designing a PCB of project that involves USB 2.0 differential pair trace. It is a 4-layer board with the following configuration:

Top layer: Analog and low-speed digital signal
Layer 2: 3.0V Power plane
Layer 1: USB2.0 Differential pair trace
Bottom layer: Ground plane

Also shown in the following figure.

I am planning to use Saturn PCB to calculate the impedance of the USB 2.0 differential pair, as shown below.

However, I am not sure whether should I use symmetric stripline impedance for the impedance calculation, because according to this:

for a stripline, the transmission line is in between of 2 ground planes, however in my design, the transmission line is in between of a power plane and a ground plane.

There are a few more choices for the calculation provided by Saturn PCB Toolkit as shown below.

I would like to know which one should I select for the USB 2.0 differential pair impedance calculation.

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people tend to use micro strip for the USB 2.0, on the top layer.

The transceivers tend to be pinned out for that .

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