Servo Motors Activated by a Float Switch

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I have a float switch and two servo motors. The float switch allows a max current of 1 Amp, while the motor has an operating range of 4.2-6V. I am either going to use both motors in parallel or just one. Either way, I want the motor(s) to be activated when the switch is on. With a power source of about 4.8V, will I draw too much current for the switch? Or do I need a relay?


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The operating voltage of a motor says nothing about the current.
What type ans size of motors are they?
Is there a brand and type plate?



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How are you generating the servo pulse train?
Some mor detail of what you are actually trying to do would help.
Are you just trying to start and stop a couple of motors or actually drive servos to a desired position?
What else is there besides a switch and a couple of servos?