Servo motor working with load cell on Arduino Uno ..#2

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Hi, this approach looks exactly like what my son and I are trying to do for a project where we would like to turn on and off a servo motor from our scale. Can anyone please post the wiring diagram that goes with this code. We are completely new to arduino and I can get a motor going and a scale going but not sure i can wire both that would work with this code without some guidance.

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How much coding experience do you (and/or your son) have? This is the first question to be answered… Even before the scale snd servo!

You did state that you are completely new to the Arduino environment. But I assume that you’ve loaded and tested the Blink sample sketch. And completed the recommended modifications…

Are you aware of the tutorials on the official Arduino site? How many lessons have you

You don’t get a drivers license because you know how to change the oil or a tire on a car.

I wonder what you mean by turn on or off the servo? What are you using the servo for (as an external indicator?) If not, what?


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hi GV23,
We can help you learn with the programming side, but we should make sure the unknown Scale and Servo you have, are suitable for your proposed project.