Sensor with SENT Protocol interface including SPC Support

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Hello everybody,

    I am searching for a sensor with SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) Protocol Interface including SPC (Short PWM Code) Support.

    Please anybody specify the sensor name which have the above capabilities.

    Also I need the data sheet of that kind of sensor as downloadable.

    I want this for learning purpose.

    In case of Pure SENT interface I'm have no doubts.

    But in case of SENT with SPC, I am not sure about

    i. what is the period of trigger pulse from Master to the Sensor?
    ii. How the Command Mode, Bus Mode, Long Command Mode concepts are implemented in the actual sensor?
    iii. In case of Synchronous Mode, how the errors events are communicated to the Master especially when the Master doesn't trigger the Sensor?

    Like this, I am having lot of doubts in understanding SENT SPC Protocol.

    So If there any actual Sensor with SENT SPC Support is available, then definitely I can get a clear picture in these areas.

    Please anybody help me to find this out.

    Thanks in advance.