Send sms using float switch

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Hello guys, anyone here could help me on my project. I use float switch sensor. If the float switch is on, then sms will be sent ( i am using sim900a gsm module). Thanks in advance. Godbless.

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Sounds like an interesting project. Where would you like help?
now, the only problem that I have is that to set the number that the user will text as its new recipient. for example, I have texted "09454545565" and then sim900a module will use it as a recipient rather than the one that I included in the code


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So thi sis a programming problem? You'll have to post your code if you want help. Use the "insert code" option from the ... menu above the edit box.


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Please provide more detail, such was what controller you are using (I assume) and the language you are using, and if you know where to find it, the URL for the user manual for this assembly.


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let us say if I texted "UPDATE + NUMBER", the number stated in the text will be set as new recipient of the sim900a gsm module
If your code recognizes a command called UPDATE, and parses NUMBER from the received string, converts NUMBER from a character string to an integer type (or the type of the recipient address), and uses that value as a parameter to a GSM call…

You see there is quite a bit of work. If you can’t post your code, it’s unlikely that we can help you.