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Jonas Barbarossa

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This expensive DeWalt saw has a Schurter ON/OFF switch (part number 4430.2121 CBE TA45-AHFWF070U3). The switch broke, the machine is off line, job is standing and there isn't a replacement part available in the whole of the Republic.
If anyone knows a work-around for a couple of guys in the sticks then please let us know.


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You can bypass a switch but that would be unsafe in my opinion, unless you already have another way for the operator to turn it off in a panic.

For my tablesaw, I wired myself a power box with a paddle switch on it. A lot like this one:


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Hi Wayne,
So, it appears to me that almost any suitable switch would do. Thanks for that.
I think that device also functions as a circuit breaker. So it's more than just a switch - it will protect the motor from drawing too much current, for instance in a stall. It'd be best to restore the saw to full, original function.

The amperage rating must be suitable but yes, a switch is a switch.