Salvaging the most modern components...

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Cellular phones, satellite receivers, LNBs, are filled with the most advanced miniaturized building blocks, integrated circuits, modules, with destination to a dumpster somewhere since built :(
Wonderful projects can be accomplished with many of those components if an army of ants is trained to remove them from boards...
But there is still identifying them. Parts manufacturers sell just to a few phone manufacturers for a few models for a short time. The universe of different components is not aimed to diverse applications and most are unknown/unlisted if you are not the device designer/factory.

The typical way I have been salvaging parts is with a tiny hack saw; cutting off board sections that contain the entire circuit of interest and re-purposing, often including support circuitry and components. It works well instead of painfully extracting just a BGA/SM chip and then trying to sow it on a pre-made board. I get input, output, supply and control.

But every day it is harder to identify what does what.
Crack open your derelict cell phone, and try to tell what section/ic does what. Any suggestion, publications, sites to recognize parts ?