Safety considerations for purchasing power supply online

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Hello everybody,

For my current project, I obviously need a power supply. Since PS by itself, isn't the current project, I was considering to by it on-line. But - as we all know, most of what can one find on-line, comes from far east and many of those are designed with really disregard of even the basic safety precautions. You can watch many of these (for example) on Internet blogs, such us (probably well known here) Big Clive. These are not just not keeping enough spacing between high (mains) and low voltage parts of the PCB, but sometimes you can see designs which on-failure can allow mains crossing to the low-voltage parts.

Hence the question, are there out there decent on-line PS suppliers, which will not sell you death row PS, but a decent PS compartment with galvanic isolation, thermal shutdown (just an examples) and other baseline safety features?

Specs are: In : AC mains (220Vrms, 60Hz)
Out : 5Vdc, 2A

Thank you.


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Look in the major electronic suppliers catalogs and see the brands listed. Those are the good ones. That will give you the information for on line shopping. It takes a few minutes but it is a cheap source of information.


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@ist Do you want/need regulation, MSPS etc?
If not, there a few options for linear supplies which are far more rugged and offer galvanic isolation, There are regulated ones if needed.
Many now used Toroidal transformers, which can also be modified easily, (adding/subtracting windings etc).


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Just order online from a reputable/known electronics supplier..
In the US that would be Digikey, Mouser, Newark,etc....
Farnell in the UK,etc...


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Digikey now have a presence in UK evidently!;)
I suspect they all probably do really.. All 3 are pretty large companies that compete with each other..
As I'm a US'er thats not stuff I keep track of.. I would always see reference to Farnell on Newarks site though so that one stuck..