Saab 9-5 ACC raspberry PI remote controll

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    Feb 13, 2016
    Hi! Just to start with, I am a decent programmer but poor with electronics so I may not use the right words and expression and I might say something completely wrong.

    I am doing a project on my Saab 9-5 to control my ACC with a raspberrypi.
    So, I took out the acc control module and detached the "switch plate".
    It looks like its some pressure sensors to detect when a button is being pressed.
    In the bottom of the plate, I found a female pin socket that connects to the main board. I took some measurements with a multimeter and found out that pin 7 is +13.2V and the rest of the pins are ground it looks like. Since its 10 pins and 26 sensor, I am thinking that the pins works like a binary combination. So I tried connecting it to my raspberry pi with 5v at pin 7 and connected the rest to the GPIO pins to detect current, and made a simple program that prints out the pins that detects current. But no luck. I also tried pin7 as ground to.

    So if someone have a solution I would really appreciate it.