Running NGspice in VB6 under Windows 10

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Presently I am attempting to use the Shell function to access NGspice.exe, but this does not run as expected. I suspect that the compiler is working on another set of instructions due to the complexity of the FileSpec that is required by the Shell function.
Here, FileSpec has the form D:\Dir1\Dir2\...\ngspice.exe -o C:\Dir1\Dir2\logFile.txt -r C:\Dir1\Dir2\ResultsFile.txt -b C:\Dir1\Dir2\CircuitFile.txt
By rule the program line will involve many quotes ("), which I have left out for clarity. Note that the -b entry signifies batch mode which may include more than one circuit file, the log and results being appended to the first log and results files.
So,if you use Windows 10, and use VB6 and have successfully run ngspice then I would be pleased to see a code snippit that runs ngspice as expected.
N.B. I am aware of LTspice that is superb in a 'stand alone' scenario, but I cannot find a way of integrating it within my suite of design programs.