Running a 2.4 amp/480v 3ph Chain hoist off 15amp/120v

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Is this possible? 2.4*480 = 1152 watts which is possible through a 15amp 120 circuit but how do I get there? I can run a double breaker off my main panel to a subpanel and get the 220 single phase, but then what? Should I use a toroid transformer or something to get me from the 220 to 480 and then an electric motor to generate the 3 phase? Do they make phase converters that will just go from my 120 single phase to 480 3 phase? It's a CM lodestar 480v 3 phase 1 ton hoist if any of that matters.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but a three phase power device requires a factor of \(\sqrt{3}\), making the hoist operate at about 2000 watts ... that could be the full load specification. The economics involved in 3 phase to single phase conversion may be a problem.
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You will need to change your motor to use this. Do you have a model number for the hoist? Some of them use a standard type motor that the shaft just goes into the main gear of the gear box. like a "c-frame" type motor. So you may not have to buy a motor from CM, that would be expensive.


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Take a look at this, I used a similar set up to run a brigeport milling machine and a colchester lathe for 6 years.
That or a VFD would work for him if the motor can be wired for 220. But like Max said, the motor needs to be able to run on 220 three phase, but the first post only states three phase 480. To my knowledge there is no way to increase the voltage from either a VFD or static convertor like you're using.


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In some cases the terminal box on the motor will show a legend on the inside for connecting 220v etc if possible.
Or an email to Lodestar may help.