RS-232 ASCII control of Jandy Aqualink

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    Aug 6, 2017

    I am trying to get a serial connection to work from an HAI (Now Leviton) OmniPro II controller to a Jandy Serial converter. I saw one of your old posts from a forum talking about the Jandy. I have the serial converter and a RS-232 sniffer but I cannot get the Jandy to do anything I send it. Whether it be from the OP II or directly from my lapptop all of the ASCII codes do not work.

    First question is I am sending the commnds that are described in the Jandy manual.


    If I am not mistaken, # is the command start, AUX3 is the description, =ON is the set command for set device to ON and then they say it needs a carriage return. I have read CR and spoke to Zodiac tech about that. I have seen ^G as a carraige return. I have read 13 as decimal and 0D as Hexidecimal carraige return.

    I have added spaces in the string to no avail. Will the carraige return make the command fail? All I want to do is turn Aux’s on and off.

    Thank You in advanced for any help.

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    ^M is the ASCII carriage return. I would think the command sequence would be

    The hex value for CR is indeed 0dh (13 decimal) although in this instance it sounds like the end of input string delimiter. You might check to see that your terminal is not sending a CR LF sequence when you hit CR (or LF CR). The extra LF might be problematic.

    Be sure you are getting serial out of your converter by using a wrap-plug to connect the TX and RX lines together and typing a few characters on the terminal.

    What are you trying to accomplish overall with the OPII and Jandy unit? Do you have a link to the manuals? A quick read of these gives me the impression that commands like #AUX are entered through the keypad, not the PC Access facility at least on the OPII.
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