RGB LED PCB - 18f25j10

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I want to try LED driving with 18F PIC.

    Today ive done the power supply and blink LED using the latest MPLABX 3.05 on a Vista laptop better say whats left of it (removed the broken screen).

    Its a small lithium cell from electronic cigarette charging via USB.
    I use a dropper diode to stay below 4.2v but pretty quickly I end up with 2.8 volts.

    The PIC can be flashed using the battery supply, and works in HS mode with a 22uH coil.

    The LED still blinks after some hours!

    I want to use 12 RGB LEDs and MOSFETs for the rails. Guess at the low voltage average LED current is just a few mA.

    Ive tried a smaller 20pin 16f716 but its not powerful enough and doesnt have much flash for instance to change brightness as well.

    Probably I will use a 40pin PIC for a PCB or TQFP44.
    Or just for RGB fading/programming, and use the 28pin IC.

    I like the idea using a lithium battery and yes I actually have a lot of 3.3v LDO ICs.

    Max. spec. for the IC is 4.0v
    I dont know capacity of the lithium cell but they are pretty worn out from the ecigarette usage.

    Connecting and flashing the PIC was pretty much hassle free worked instantly.
  2. takao21203

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    Apr 28, 2012