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Just on the off-chance someone might be interested, I’m posting this “ad”.

Disclosure, i only get pennies for this. And only after many more sales than I could ever expect. Hence, Im not sharing this to make money. My reward comes from you reading it. As a matter of fact, I’ve yet to get one cent.

Do you have a Kindle account? Or an Amazon account?

My novel is published as a Kindle book. It is a Summer read, can be read in a day. It’s not Pulitzer material. Just something I did on a whim to cross another item off my bucket list. But those who have read it found it compelling.

It’s only $3. Check out its description below.
"The guitarists started playing and then stopped when the drummer didn't join in. He rested on his drums, and the entire club became silent. In the quiet, a metal leg groaned under the unexpected stress of the dead weight above. Then, the entire set collapsed. The drummer doubled forward and fell into a jungle of steel and aluminum legs on the stage. A snare drum fell onto the dance floor, its hollow beat sounding with each bounce"

In 1976, there was no widespread Internet access. It is hard to believe, given the pervasiveness of the Internet and digital devices today. Neither were personal computers common. For many of us, the concept of requiring a landline to make a phone call and not having a computer or smartphone is very strange. In the 70's, computers were usually an island upon themselves, maintained in a large cold room by a group of acolytes.

As hard as it is to believe, those times existed.

However, the issues that we face today also existed then. The term hacker came to life in the 1960's. Security was a major concern of computer systems. And the word activism arose in the early 20th century. Computers and activists are always a deadly mix.

Lethal Records is a novel of activism, conspiracy and intrigue, life and death and justice, which has been set in those times.”
This is the link to Kindle books. If your curious, please check it out.
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