Resources for learning to use Arduino

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Hello users reading this,

Here`s the situation:
I have just purchased an Arduino Mega2560 (Elegoo) recently and have since completed the projects included with the board (very simple as you can guess). I am now overwhelmed by the complexity of this product, or how to use it in a practical way for the least. I find myself spending a lot of time looking for beginner information on the software/hardware of this product; most of what I find is basically Chinese for a beginner like I.

My present knowledge:
This is limited to my reading of Volume I. - Direct Current and perhaps a dozen very basic projects on the Arduino.

My objectives:

I know this is far fetched, but ultimately I would like to control home appliances from my phone (turn on/off lights, view security cameras, control door locks, home temperature etc.). I am aware that this will most likely require years before I achieve anything in the vicinity of these things, but this is the type of projects towards which I would like to venture.

I am basically consulting the collective wisdom of AAC for tips; are there any programs, websites, products or resources that have helped you? Do you have any tricks to give me pertaining to this field? Things to avoid? Are there programming languages that are necessary for example.

Thank you ahead of time,

William Cardinal