Resistor ?? ... PWM in the secondary portion ( cold portion )

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Hello my friends,
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-Kindly I have a resistor regarding the colour bands which I read ( it should be 10.1hom) but when I measured it with a multimeter it was( 98.1 hom), which confused me then I tested another power supply [ identical to what I have], I found it also( 97.3hom).
So how should read the value of this resister regarding the colour bands?
-also in this power supply there is PFC IC ( power factor correction ) [ L4981AD ]which is located in the primary said ( hot portion ) and the IC PWM [UCC2895DW ]Resistor.jpgPWM-PFC.jpg
is located in the secondary said ( cold portion ) ....this is the first time I have seen a design like that, Kindly anyone explain to me how it works this design.

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