Resistor Code on Metal Film Resistors

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Scott Walker

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Hi, I had to create a 7W amp circuit from a Velleman kit. In the handbook for that circuit there is a metal film resistor that is listed as a value of "1"

The code for the resistor is White, Gold, Gold, Black, Brown

I thought gold and silver could only be tolerance values

Any help would be much appreciated, I just need to know the value for some calculations and to list in a report.

Here is a link to a PDF of the kit:



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It's probably 1Ω resistor (traditional 4 band resistor + voltage rating), try measure is via multimeter.
Brown = 1
Black = 0
Gold = x0.1
Gold = 5%
White = 2000V
So we have 10 times 0.1 = 1Ω 5% and 2000V

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Scott Walker

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Thanks for that, I thought it may of been a 1 Ohm resistor, unable to test it at the moment but will do so to double check, thanks again!