Req. Help ID'ing SMD Regulator

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Hello, I'm trying to identify and get the datasheet for this linear voltage regulator. I don't recognize the logo, and haven't been able to match it in the usual places online*. Google and other sites have not helped me with the component marking "A2NK". It appears to be an SOT-23-5/SOT-25 package or similar, output and input at top left and bottom left respectively in the attached (enhanced) photo. This is the only part on the board with any logo, and an other-than-generic part number.

*Replies to my posts on other forum websites indicate that the chip logo is a close match to the graphic element of the corporate logo of IK Semicon of Korea. However, their online catalog shows no regulators in this package style, and they have not responded to my email.

SOT-23-5 Regulator.jpg