Reparing an xbox 360, with another xbox 360?

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Hi all,

So I have two broken xbox 360 slim gaming consoles at hand.
One of the consoles has a problem with its nand (Onboard memory which stores OS etc) which means it cannot boot. Other than that however there are no issues with its functionality.
The other console has an issue in the power distribution after a short circuit meant that it no longer shows any signs of life. One of the mofsets heats up a lot, I replaced it but it still persists. There are so many possible parts in that area of the board that may have failed and its far far out of my skill range to replace one or more of the tiny components without causing more damage, even if I could find the culprit.

What I would like to do is use the first console to power the second console. I found a diagram (in attached files) which shows each of the mainboard power sources for the slim. Could I simply solder wires to each of the points on the first console and then to the corresponding points on the second and expect it to work?