Repairing an Electric winch hoist

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Khang Than

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Hi Guys,

I got a free electrical hoist from a mate, but it was missing a
remote control.
I tried to re connect it but the motor shutters and moves only move in one direction.
Is my wiring of the controller wrong?
Should I put a resistor parallel with the capacitor?
I was connecting the motor to a momentary rocker switch,
trying to imitate the original product like this:

thanks in advance for your help.

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I think your wiring to the switch is wrong. Black goes to 4 on the switch (Which it does at present.) Brown should go to 2 on the switch. ( you have it connected to 6) Red to 6 on the switch. (You have it connected to 3) Blue to 3 on the switch. (You have it connected to 2) As you do not know the original fault (Before the hand control was removed.) it is worth checking the control cable fo fractured conductors near the ends where it enters the cable glands.