Repairing a fridge evaporator fan (brushless DC fan)

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This fan came encased in a plastic, outer shell casing.
It has a circuit board potted (yellow pale, relatively hard potting resin, reminds me of polyurethane) inside that plastic casing.
Was hoping to open it up and change out some capacitors.
Tried to heat to melt/soften the potting, but it was very difficult to get much success.
Then, tried solvent (paint thinner). Seemed to loosen and weaken the potting material, but it wouldn't simply dissolve, one would have to gently pry away potting material.
Ended up cutting the coil windings for the fan (thin, coated copper wires) while trying to remove potting.
On the casing/container, its rated at 115V @ 60Hz.
The circuit board seems to be a AC to DC power circuit.

Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find winding (very high gauge/very thin) to re-wind this motor?
Anyone have any interesting comments or thoughts about brushless DC motors in a cold enviornment?

Happily working on this as I am learning more about circuits and electrical engineering and would appreciate everyone's kind help. Thanks!