Renesas fire threatens to deepen global chip supply woes

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The March 19 fire burned through 600 square metres of a unit producing 300mm wafers, and Renesas says it hopes to restore operations within a month.

But Satoru Takada, an auto analyst at Tokyo-based research and consulting firm TIW, said production was unlikely to be back to normal quickly.

"Renesas said it would recover in a month, but it may not be able to get back to full capacity straight away. The impact could drag on," he told AFP.
The fire “was ill-timed,” the ministry official said.

Looks like what's left of a:

Through the Storm: The Complex Process of Restarting a Semiconductor Facility
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A few years back, Sony suffered major earthquake damage in a fab located in the southern island of Kyushu, and was able to recover rather quickly.
The Japanese are used to significant disasters, and with the exception of Fukushima, have always been able to bounce back.

Nevertheless I agree that this is a major disruption.
Along the ship stuck in the Suez.