relays or diodes and how would one wire the relays

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i have a ladder rack on my truck with led lights 6 all together the 2 green run to a relay activated from the reverse lights yellow wire id like to be able to turn the red and green lights all at once with a remote i can turn on the red lights atm but not the green lights i don't want the red lights to come on in reverse i either need 3 more relays or 2 more ? or diodes to prevent reverse lights from turning on the red lights ? hears a crude pic sorry Untitled12345678.png


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You could use two relays on the remote control receiver connected to the same channel output from the microcontroller. Each relay is driven by a transistor who's base is driven via a 4.7 K resistor from a pin on the microcontroller. (I traced out the schematic for the 4 channel remote that I bought.) Another way is to use two diodes to feed the green LEDs as below.
I have drawn the LEDs a just the bare LED diode but I assume the ones you have have built in current limiting resistors to work directly from 12 volts,



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Be careful with the diode current rating there, you have not mentioned the current rating of your lights. Make sure both your Diode can pass through enough current for both your green lights to glow.