Relationship of dBm Input Power and Input RF Sinusoidal Signal for WiFi Energy Harvester

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I have read a paper that states, "The optimized rectifier achieves 83.3 % power conversion efficiency (PCE) at -16.3 dBm input power, with an input RF of 953 MHz and 0.6 V peak sinusoidal signal." My question is, how did he get the value 0.6 V peak from the given input power of -16.3dBm?

I have read a formula that we can use
Pwatt= vrms²/R

But if we solve the given values using the formula, we get:
23.44uW= vrms²/R (say antenna impedance is 50 Ohms)
vpeak=vrms*√2 = 48mV

Where does 0.6 V peak come from?

We are designing a rectifier whose RF input signals will be coming from the harvested WiFi energy. Our problem is how to generate these RF inputs from the given input power measured at the feedpoint of the antenna, say -21dBm RF input power.

Thank you all for your help.