Red Mercurians

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Identifying such cheats was easy, the smugglers said, because real red mercury is attracted to gold but repelled by garlic. Wise buyers bring gold and garlic to test the product before cash changes hands. ‘‘You put a drop on a plate and you approach it with garlic, and that drop is going to move away,’’ a third smuggler, Abu Zaid explained. ‘‘But if you put red mercury on a plate and move a piece of gold under the plate, the red mercury is going to move with it.’
If red mercury seemed a perfect fit for the particular nature of this brutal, shadowy war — an apocalyptic weapon for a terrorist group driven in part by the belief that we are approaching the return of the Mahdi, the final defeat of infidels and the end of the world — it was not making itself easy to get.


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So if you sold the Red Mercury to ISIL, would that make you a terrorist, a collaborator, or just a sharp business opportunist?


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Huh? Red Mercury?

I think I have a 5 gallon bucket of that sitting in my shop some place and my wife's name is Isil so now what do I do?o_O