Recursion of specific thing

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Hi guys, I'm trying to understand the meaning of term "recurring" while asking any question.
I've concluded that if I have cards 1 2 3 2 and someone asks how many recurred 2 found in cards? I would say 2 and not 1 that's logic !
but in real life we aren't dealing with that thing which in real life we understand the term of "recur" that's after the first attempt happen which means for my questions the answer would be 1 because the second appearance of number 2 actually the recurred ..

I'm fine with this, so what approach should I take? in real life or math's logic?! in real life the term recur means after the first occurrence how many times it happen again? (not including the first occur)

any help?! thanks


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We had a similar thread recently. It’s a semantic issue. I checked, but was not able to find your definition of recur.

IMHO, when the question asks “how many”, it is looking for a count of recurrences. So, how many recurrences of 2 are there? Well, the first instance of 2 is a recurrence, because there is at least a second instance if 2. So that is one time that 2 recurs.

What happens when we look at the second instance of 2?

Is it a recurrence?


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Why did you ask this question again when it was already answered?
It is simply semantics.

Take the phrase "to duplicate". You may have two meanings.

1) If I duplicate a document using a photocopy machine, I have made a copy of the original.
How many copies have I made? Answer is 1.

2) The photocopy machine is so good that I cannot distinguish the duplicate from the original.
How many copies of the document do I have in my hand? Answer is 2.

Take your pick of which definition you wish to choose.

This is not math/logic/real life. This is semantics.

Don't over-think the problem.