Recovering a Rockchip from manufacture's firmware update

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Hi guys,
I have posted about a faulty Guitar efx pedal which gets stuck at boot up. It has got a Radxa Rock2 SoM module (its based on the Rockchip RK3288). I thought it had something to do with the power supply but after troubleshooting I couldn’t find any obvious problem with the power rails. I am now assuming that its some kind of a firmware issue.
These pedal boards have got a known issue though the manufacture’s don’t acknowledge it. Their only solution is to replace the main board. I have done so and the second board have become faulty.
I would like to try and recover the Rockchip as instructed in this video
In the video he mentions about the image file which needs to be flashed on to the device.
I apologise in advance for the noob question I am about to ask:
So I have downloaded the firmware update from the Guitar pedal board’s website. The bundle contains a software which is needed to update the pedal board. Anyway opening up the contents of the downloaded package I can find a file named ‘update.img’. Could I use this image file and follow the instructions in the video?
Thanks in advance for the help

Radaxa Rock2 SoM

Contents in the package downloaded