Recommend Me a Book On Converter Drives and PWM

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    Mar 6, 2017
    Hi all,

    I am designing a six switch, three phase inverter controller for my final year project at university. I am looking for recommendations of a good book on the subject of power converter theory and practice, the control wave forms including PWM and how those signals may be generated. A lot of people throw around the phrase "the PWM comes from comparing with a triangular wave" but I would like to read a proper text on the subject to get the principles nailed down.

    A current contender is "High-Power Converters and AC Drives" from the IEEE series by Bin Wu. It seems to be the go to text on the subject but it's very expensive. I don't mind spending the money provided I know it's worth it.

    Another contender from the same series is "Digital Control of High Frequency Switch Mode Power Converters", by Luca Corrandini. Similar title, similar description and similar price point so I'm not sure which road to go down.

    Can anyone recommend a good book based on personal experience? Also, are there any useful resources that my basic student IEEE library access would entitle me to that I might not have come across?

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    TI do a few books on this and you can probably download the pdfs for free.
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