Recap of my old Technics SU-VX600 amplifier

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Hi everyone,

I have started the recap of my old SU-VX600 bought new in 1992. I also own a SU-VX500.
I will share the progress and the information that could be useful to those interested in doing the same.

First of all, except for the capacitor power bloc, SU-Vx 600 and 500 use the same caps values and share the same references on the schematic. Indeed, PCBs are identical for the "Main PCB" and almost the same for the "operation PCB" (no subsonic filter for the 500).

I ordered a kit in Europe to AudioHighStore. Upon reception and check of the schematics, I found out some caps where missing. I am waiting then the missing ones to start the serious job.
In the mean time, I managed to replace the capacitor block's caps and want to start sharing a mistake in the Technics Service Manual of both SU-VX600 and 500:
SU-VX600&500 - CapacitorBlocPolarity-Error.png

Since today's capacitors are much compact, I opted for Nichicon LKS 12,000µF 63V capacitors. A slight modification of the PCB is needed.
The real pain is the extraction of the old caps from the grey plastic shell. Tough but a must to keep the original cover so that is looks as in 1992 :)


I have started in identifying all the capacitors on the schematic using a color code so that to avoid cabling mistakes. It shall be noted the polarized capacitor orientation is always the same (- toward the back of the amplifier for the main PCB).


I will share the work progress in the coming days.