recalibrating shoprider LED battery indicator

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my gopher battery indicator is too optimistic, leading to over-discharging batts. how to wind it back pls? it's an all rounder, but i hope they're all similar, and adjustable. pls advise, and suggest viable setpoint for working voltage. [minus one led from right end at working voltage?] 50ah batts, nom current 10A on flat, 75A motor [max] measure work volts awkward, will take few days.


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Do you have, or can you reverse-engineer, a schematic of the indicator's circuit?
Is the indicator a sealed unit or do you have access to its internal circuit nodes?
A diode (normal silicon or Schottkey type) in series with the indicator input might be all that's necessary to do what you want, but without experience or knowledge of the indicator circuit I'm just guessing.