Reading the Device Signature fails (XMEGA-A3BU XPLAINED)

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after I haven't done anything with my above-mentioned device the last years, I wanted to start programming again.

Making things short, I can't read the device signature. I used JTAG with my AVR Dragon connected to the red square pins in the one picture (layout). Microchip Studio is measureing the right Voltage, as seen in the attached picture (MC Studio).

The XMEGA also is working. My last program is running, when I power it via USB. I haven't really used the board, so I guess, I am the error, but I am a noob and maybe you can help me here. I would really like start to dive in into µ-controller programming and don't want to buy a new device now, since the XMEGA is a pretty good beginners board, I guess.

I have also attached the error message shown in Microchip Studio and the PCB-Layout.

Thank you for any help in advance.