Rating of a relay

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I have a similar relay....Highlighted part has some ratings like 7A 250VAC|10A 120vAC
12A120VAC|10A 24VDC

Can any one tell me What these ratings indicate.....On the it is given that DC 12v,which indicates it require 12v to switch the coil..but what these indicate??


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Those are the contact current ratings for both AC & DC, the ~ indicates AC, the bar with dotted lines under is for DC.
Usually these are for resistive loads, further derating is normal for inductive loads.


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7A 250VAC|10A 120vAC
12A120VAC|10A 24VDC
7A 250VAC means that the switch contacts can handle up to 7 amps at 250 volts alternating current (or VAC)
10 amps at 120VAC
12 amps at 120VAC (actually reads 120VDC)
10 amps at 24VDC

Notice that the contacts can handle 10 amps at either 120 VAC or 24 VDC. DC (direct current) is hotter than AC (alternating current). Hence, the contacts will burn up if you exceed these limits. It's what the manufacturer says their switches will handle.

Are you sure the rating says 12A / 120V(DC)? It looks like it could say "12A / 12.0V(DC)" which makes more sense to me.
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