Raspberry PI bridged access point only 7 clients connected

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Hello. I have a raspberry PI which is my center node. I also have multiple ESP32 devices(10+) that communicate with raspberry PI using mqtt.

I have build a prototype and everything was working fine. Now I have moved my project to a different room where a lot of router testing and other WIFI stuff is going on and as a result of that, my esp32 remote devices could not pick up and connect to the 2.4Ghz wifi signal.

As a solution to that, I have decided to connect my raspberry PI to the nearest LAN cable and create a bridged access point on the raspberry PI. And then connect my remote ESP32 devices to that access point. I have followed the guide below:


I have created a bridged access point and it worked right away. I have managed to connect my ESP32 devices to the network and my whole system was working as expected! HOWEVER, I have noticed that only 7 ESP32 devices were connected at a time. When I have powered OFF 2 devices that were connected, the other two would connect after like 20-30 seconds.

Could someone help me understand this behaviour? Why would bridged access point allow me to only have 7 ESP32 devices connected at once? Is that a limit of raspberry PI or its a problem with the network?

Would setting my raspberry PI as routed access point make more sense for this application?