Raspberry Pi Availability, One Helpful Source

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If you were depending on the availability of RPi boards, you know that they've been unobtainable as reasonable cost for a while.

I have been exploring alternatives, and there are some candidates, but for some things the genuine RPi is a lot easier.

Adafruit and Sparkfun both offer notifications when they receive stock. Just go to the websites, create accounts if you don't have one (Adafruit requires 2FA to be enabled to purchase RPi boards), then navigate to the board(s) you are interested in. Choose the "notify me" option (for Adafruit, supply an email address, for Sparkfun be logged in) and watch your email.

Adafruit has a strict one per customer policy on all RPi boards while Sparkfun has variable limits. If you get a notification that the boards are in stick, don't hesitate, they go fast!

Currently, Sparkfun has stock of the RPi Zero W at ten per customer but that won't last. I was able to pick up one 3B+ from Adafruit a week or so ago, but it really requires quick action. They both sell the boards at the official prices, no gouging. So, 15 bucks for an RPi Zero W, and 35 for the 3B+, etc.