Radio design.

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Hello i am new to radio electronics and i would like to know if someone has a design for a transmitter and a reciver for 69Mhz? Or another design that works for other bands that are licence free in Sweden where i live. Also it would bee really good if the design is made for a range that is very long distance.
My Goal is to send morse or voice to my friend so we can have fun with radio.


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A cursory search shows that Swedish amateur radio operators have access to a portion of the 60 meter band, which may require licensing in your country. However, it may be possible to purchase a used transceiver at reasonable cost with that capability. One factor to consider is the sunspot cycle, which has an 11 year period. As the cycle peaks, in 3 or 4 years, long distance communication can easily be achieved. During a previous cycle peak, I was able to contact Europe using morse code, and also Japan, from the central USA on the 20 meter band using a modest dipole antenna ... simply a stretch of wire at a height of about 10 meters. Currently, the sunspot cycle is at a minimum, and conditions are not favorable. ( It has something to do with radio waves reflecting off the ionosphere atmospheric layer ). I have not used the 60 meter band, so get another opinion before you jump in. ...
... A frequently used amateur message ending is '73' ... So 73.


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Define "very long distance".

As a licensed HAM, I am not aware of any frequency that one can transmit over a "very long distance" without requiring a license, (over a "very short distance", maybe).

If you wish to pursue this as a hobby I would suggest that you and your friend both look into getting HAM licenses. Check your country's radio regulations. It may not be that difficult to get a license.