Quick mod of keyboard - touchbar-like sound control/ multi-media control?

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Hi, I recently got a K63 keyboard from corsair. It's great, but a cool project that seems like it would be pretty quick is adding a touchbad -like capacitive sensor to control volume. Basically, it looks at where you start placing your finger on it. Then, every inch is maybe 33% volume increase. Double taps are muting/unmuting.

Now, sending signals to a computer may be a complicated project. However, there are already 3 buttons: mute, volume down (2/100) and volume up (2/100). So, maybe if I replace them with MOSFETs or something, controlled by a small uC, which takes input from the touch sensor, I could have it be where every few mm it sends a pulse to where the switch was.

I would need help finding or making a capacitive touch sensor in the right dimensions (.5 in by 2 in), so if people have suggestions that would be great.