Question on Rebuild Avr for Coleman Gensat

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Here is rebuild of the AVR in a Coleman Powermate 6250.
It is a follow up of this thread from a few months ago

The AVR in this unit is a Rev 7, the differance between this one and
the Rev 3 in the old thread are Zener D5 is a 1N4739 (9.1 volt)
S1,S3 MOVs are 10D431 and S2 is a 10D621.

All Diodes,Transistors,Caps and MOVs were replaced.

The 1st pic is the bottom of the board after repair it
was then coated to protect it from moisture.

The 2nd one is the top of the board after repair and has been

The generator still didnt work after i had repaired the board
so I figured the residual magnetism had been wiped out by
the damage done to the AVR.
I remagnitize the rotor by hooking a small 12v gel cell battery
to the brush contact plate. + to outside ring - to inside
as shown in this last pic. About 2 seconds was all it needed

The generator is now fully funtional.

I hope this helps a few people out with their units.
What Zener diode did you use? I am doing the same and the only component I cannot identify is the zener and it's capacity?
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