Question about Maximum Rectifier Efficiency with Wireless Power Transfer

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I've been reading papers on wireless power transfer (including some journals) and single diode rectifiers are demonstrated with greater than 50% efficiency. Both half wave and voltage driven Class E rectifiers have shown this, even though they only conduct half the cycle. How is greater than 50% efficiency possible with this. Anyone have any clue what's going on?


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Doesn't seem to make much sense does it? It becoming a popular way to transfer and convert power. In some applications .....99% ....they are claiming.

I have only read a few articles about it. The power is being transferred and sometimes regulated thru the resonance of the circuit........not just thru the diode current.

The designs can get hairy and a lot of the parameters come from the circuit board materials and circuit layout........just like vhf, uhf circuits.

They have to be tuned......for a power bandpass.