QR Code scanner to Table with constant charging

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Hey gents!
I'm trying to build qr code scanner on nice stand with tablet connected to it, as I'm not really that much mechanically developed I'm considering my options how could it look.
1. There must be an external qr code scanner for UX
2. There must be a table for UI
3. They have to be fully passive i.e. just plug it to power and connect to wifi and it should work
You can see my initial process thought sketch in attachment
Do you think it's possible to do that?
1. Will qr code scanner have enough power to work (the one I use https://skaner-kodow.pl/czytniki-ko...arny-czytnik-kodow-kreskowych-QR-XT-7308.html)
2. When it comes to hub I'm thinking about something like that - https://www.mytrendyphone.pl/shop/h...0Y-ow2nA4uFtQVjZ3cOli70BQKjKUZdYaAjZCEALw_wcB
3. Will tablet continuously charge
Thanks in advance!