Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3000W repair

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I was given this inverter for free, that if I can repair I can use as a backup power.

"Pure sine wave Inverter 3000W"
"Power that really moves"
text on the top of the case.

When i first opened it I did notice a burned YMP230N55.
I found on aliexpress that they offer YMP230N55 as a replacement for the more expensive IRF2804.
I bought 5x IRF2804, replaced 3x of them, the burned one, and one next to it, and the one closest to the right end of the board. I have 2 more IRF2804 to test with.

I turned on the board with the replaced FETs and we heard a sound that the inverter powered up actually for a second.
The same mosfet that was burned, smoked out immediately.

What can be causing this ? Any ideas by looking at the pictures ?

Thank you in advance


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Need a schematic.
Unfortunately I was not even able to find the same Inverter on internet, there are some posts about "Power that really moves" inverters. Some people know the parts.

Should be something specific to burn exactly this mosfet, not any other one.