Public Behavior That Pushes Your "Rage Button"

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Glenn Holland

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On the subject of mass transit and the annoyances of riding the bus, there's one bus line in San Francisco (the 22 Fillmore) which is the moral equivalent of 50 minutes of root canal work.

First, it goes through a part of the city that has a lot of mobility impaired riders who have to use the lift at the front door and maneuver their wheelchair or the scooter into a spot that's reserved for ADA passengers. However, that's just a fact of life that I can live with.

But secondly to make matters painfully a lot worse, the 22 line also goes through a narrow street that's cluttered with traffic and there are lots of stop lights. The transit agency was to have installed traffic signal pre-empts on all the buses, but that still hasn't happened yet. Luckily, there's another bus line in my neighborhood that's a lot faster and doesn't have a lot of annoyances. If I didn't have a choice in bus lines, I would have to resort to renting one of those electric scooters or calling an Uber ride.