PSpice : Add Lib file Error

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Hi Everyone

I'm trying to simulate a MOSFET (NX7002AK) in Pspice.
I got the NX7002AK.lib file from the internet.
The simulator, of course, had an error.
→ ERROR(ORPSIM-15113): Model NX7002AK used by M_M43 is undefined

Select the NX7002AK_01_02_2012.lib file as the browser button
So I was following the procedure of registering the library and there was an error
Add as Global, Add as Design, Add as Profile
3 button is the same message!

However, the following format has succeeded in simulation

.model IRF225 NMOS(Level=3 Gamma=0 Delta=0 Eta=0 Theta=0 Kappa=0.2 Vmax=0 Xj=0
+ Tox=100n Uo=600 Phi=.6 Rs=82.55m Kp=20.12u W=.2 L=2u Vto=3.803
+ Rd=.7773 Rds=1.111MEG Cbd=514.4p Pb=.8 Mj=.5 Fc=.5 Cgso=3.913n
+ Cgdo=354.3p Rg=2.916 Is=311.4p N=1 Tt=350n)
* Int'l Rectifier pid=IRFC224 case=TO3
* 88-08-25 bam creation

So I tried to convert the NX7002AK_01_02_212.lib file to the above format, but there were too many different variables and this was impossible.
What do you suggest?