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Been triggered to miss my calculator by @SamR post else where.

Ok, this could get messy , but here goes.

In office , I "always" have to hand a PC, with "excel" and various calc apps,

I used to have a Psion ( in fact a few ) , that made a great data base, calculator
But they fall over now, as they dont connect to well to Windows 10 .

They phone screen, with my BIG chunky fingers is just not great, buttons are nicer.

So is there a machine, be it programable calculator, with buttons, and a reasonable screen does not have to be colour,
and be nice if it fits in a big pocket ?

Any thoughts please,


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The new HP Prime looks pretty good, in fact, I may just buy one. Currently I have an HP 48G on the desk, but I have others and sometimes switch. I don't need the Prime but I have a longstanding sort of... addiction... to HP calculators. The one thing I don't have and probably never will is a 16C but you can't have everything.


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Let me add that after purchasing the latest iteration of TI's Nspire calculator I would not recommend it. I much prefer to use my Win10 Microsoft Mathematics which is not perfect either but much better. Lots of little things like naming variables and the TI's lack of keeping capitalization among many other little nuances. It's a great calculator IF you don't have a computer handy and aimed at students who do have one back in the dorm. It's basically a combo calculator and micro pad. Considering most students now carry laptops it comes off second best if at all. I would have returned it but my grace period to do so expired. I did buy a TI-36X Pro afterwards to have sitting on my desk for a quick grab. Cheap and easy... But for serious math the computer wins.