Problems with treadmill controller board JD-230E/E

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Hi all, greetings from New Zealand
I'm having issues with the above mentioned treadmill controller board JD-230E/E.
I have a treadmill, which I'm working towards controlling with an Arduino. I opened it up, spent a long time online trying to identify the set-up I had, and how to control it. I finally came across, and thought I'd cracked it - this matched the wiring, and the voltages I'd measured with a DMM matched as well. I went to follow their advice, and hooked a potentiometer up as described. I used the only one I could find handy, which was 550K. Turned it on, nothing, slowly turned the pot up, suddenly the treadmill started going full pelt, then stopped. Turned it off, opened the control board cover, and found that I'd blown the fuse in it. Replaced the fuse, now as soon as you turn the power on the treadmill just goes full speed, even if the speed control board is entirely disconnected. Did some more searching online, turns out that the recommended pot size is 10k for controlling these boards. Can anyone help me figure out if it's fixable? Attached a diagram of the board in question that I found online.
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Check the MOSFET for short circuits. If it is short then it will likely have taken other components with it and they may be more difficult to find.