Problem working with H3LIS200DL (+-200g accelerometer)

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Hi, I am using H3LIS200DL with RFduino (RFD22102 ) as microcontroller, I have used the schematic given in data sheet except I have connected CS pin to Vdd (for using I2C). Also, I am using Arduino H3LIS331Dl_demo code attached below.

The IC works fine for 5mins and then readings become constant. And when I use it again after 10 hours or so, it again works fine for 5mins only. This is happening from 3 days. I have also resoldered it and rechecked the capacitors.

I used 3 ICs. One worked fine but the same problem is happening with other 2.

Is this any soldering problem?

Am I missing any point?

Help would be appreciated.


H3LIS200Dl data sheet :

RFD22102 data sheet:



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When it starts acting badly, does it streighten out if you cool it down to room temp with cool air, or freeze spray (don't freeze it)?

When you first turn it on, does it start acting badly faster if you warm it with warm air?