Problem with Type X and Y Capacitors

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Hello every one, I want to make a 24V 10A SMPS, based on the schematic found on the Internet, I need two mkt 100nf x2 275v capacitors in the line filter. The problem is I can not find exactly this cap in the market. I have these options two buy:
1. MKT 150nf 275v x2,
2. MKT 100nf 630v (in this on it is not mention whether it is x2 or not)
3. MKT 100nf 250v x2

In addition, I need two x1 y1 2.2nf 400v in the line filter, A power Supply that I opened, used this model: JN222M 400V Disc Capacitor 400V. but again I can not find it in the market, do you have alternative option for this one?



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Between Line (live to neutral) capacitors must be X type (min. X2), and Line to Earth (Ground) including any part of a Primary circuit and Earth must be Y type (min. Y2) as per IEC 60384-14, and have a voltage rating at least that of the equipment mains rating.