Problem with switching power supply


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Thanks Ron for your interest, yes those sense lines are connected to their respective regulators via two resistors. One is connected to ground and one to Vout. They appear to be working fine tho , they are only low power surface mounted regulators and i dont really need them anyway, as the high power section is now finally working.

I was going to post another thread regarding how to modify the shunt feedback regulator ( IC931) located in the low voltage secondary section of T901 so as to reduce the output on CN902 to ~+14 volts. Its a TA76431AS adjustable shunt regulator IC , i've only briefly looked at the specs for it , but from what i've read so far it appears do-able.
Adjusting the regulator is the way to go, BUT that may not affect the available current, since the power is provided by a transformer whose current rating is not changed.
So you may only have a nice experimenter power supply, not a battery charger type of power supply. And for an actual battery charger suitable for automotive style 12 volt batteries, the transformer types are a better choice because of much greater durability. Of course, those chargers I have all got new rectifiers on actual heat sinks, replacing the "sort of" heat-sinks they originally had.