problem with noise in designing transimpedance amplifier

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hi I am simulating a transimpedance amplifier in the paper given below. I can get the gain and bandwidth to the desired value using the specified power consumption given in the paper. the only thing that doesn't match the paper is noise. I averaged the noise from 10k to 14G(two times more than bandwidth) because the paper showed the input referred noise in this range. I measured the average current noise density in this range and its two times more than what is given in the paper. and I have another problem with noise. in the paper says the integrated input referred noise current is 1.27 µArms. i don't see the relation between this value and noise current density if we multiply current noise density to sqrt of bandwidth or sqrt of 2*bandwidth we get a different value. i integrated the noise current density with cadence calculator i get 150*10^-3 . it would be really good if you could help me thanks in advance.