Problem with LM317 voltage regulation.

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vinay sv

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hello guys, I am very new to electronics where I have designed the LM317 power regulator for my led power driver project and the output voltage has been set for 10volts of 500ma where I am getting around 2.4v as output and my input voltage is 13v my circuit diagram is pasted below and please someone tells me where I have made a mistake.



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How did you get those values for LR1 and LR2?
Typically LR1 is set to 120 ohms (so that regulation is maintained even with no load).
Since the LM317 maintains a constant 1.25V between the output and the Adj pin, the current through LR1 would be 10.4mA.
To get 10V out, this current must generate 10V-1.25V = 8.75V across LR2 (the current through LR1 must also flow through LR2 since the Adj pin draws negligible current).
So LR2 then equals 8.75V / 10.4ma = 840 ohms.

Try those values and see what output you get.


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if you Google LM317 resistor calculator. It can be a quick way to double check the maths. Also L3 is providing current limiting not constant current. So if your just powering some LEDs that's fine, if your powering a high current led. Look up constant current lm317. In which you will need a 2.5ohm 1watt resistor.