Problem with Camera Board

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I recently got this camera sensor ttp://

It is a 1/3" NVP 2421 CMOS + Panasonic 34227 DSP. I have bought sensors like this one in the past and I never had any problems but with this one I get this weird digital noise with either the SDI or the composite signal. I can still navigate through the menu, I have reset the settings switched between PAL to NTSC but it stays the same.

IMG_5189.JPG IMG_5216.JPG IMG_5217.JPG IMG_5218.JPG

The store is not being of much help, they only offer partial refund so I am hoping that maybe I could fix it.

Any idea on what that would be?

Thank you so much!


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As nerdegutta said, you will need a lens.
You can see the holes next to the sensorchip.
Those are for mounting the lens fixture.



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It's a job to tell from the pics, but the soldering on some of the components looks less than perfect. If a decoupling cap somewhere had a dry joint you might expect digital noise breakthrough.